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The Human Cost of High Prescription Drug Prices

Why AARP keeps fighting to get your medication expenses under control

Sick of high drug prices?

AARP is fighting to stop unfair Rx prices. We need your help. Click below to find AARP events and activities near you. Make your voice heard on lowering Rx prices today!


Fighting For You

​Four Prescriptions That Cost More Than $1,000 a Day

Specialty Rx prices soaring at more than three times rate of inflation, says new AARP report

Retired Police Officer Pays Thousands for Medication

AARP's urging Congress to allow Medicare to negotiate Rx prices

How Americans Are Coping with the Costs of Rx Drugs

More than a quarter of pre-Medicare adults aren’t taking their medicines as prescribed because of cost

How to Cut Costs on Prescription Drugs

If you’re willing to do a little shopping around, you can lower your drug costs.

Drug Plan Premiums Would Be Lower If Medicare Negotiated

​Consumers and Medicare would save if Congress accepts Rx bargaining provision

Vaccines Show Negotiations Can Work to Lower Rx Prices

AARP survey finds 50+ voters worry about prescription costs, want Congress to act now

Biden Order Targets High Prescription Drug Prices

Calls for safe importation of medicines and a comprehensive plan to lower medication costs

AARP CEO Urges President to Lower Prescription Drug Costs

Medicare price negotiation, out-of-pocket caps among options on the table

AARP Supports House Majority's Rx Drug Bill

Measure would cap out-of-pocket costs and order Medicare to negotiate some drug prices

AARP's Solutions

Stop Price Gouging

Let Medicare negotiate prices


Increase Affordability

Cap out-of-pocket costs for seniors


Close Loopholes

Increase the availability of generics


Support Transparency

Make drug firms justify big price hikes


An Unfair Burden

Meet Doug Lehman: Wouldn't Be Alive Without His Medicine

Pays more than $500 per month for his medications

Meet Kendrick: Insurance Won't Pay for New Medicine

Doesn't cover blood pressure drug that's best for him

Meet Bill Hawkins: AARP Employee has Insurance

But worries about affording his insulin in retirement


Meet Larry Zarzecki: Crusading Against Drug Costs

He pays $3,200 a month to manage his Parkinson’s


Meet Bob Keller: Wife’s Health Insurance Key to His Survival

Drug costs too high for couple to enjoy retirement


Meet Pam Holt: Cancer Drug Put Her in Deep Financial Hole

She had to refinance her home to pay Rx bills


High Prices Lead Consumers to Ignore Doctors' Orders

New analysis shows 28 percent of Americans do not follow their medication regimens


AARP Urges Congress to Address Drug Costs

Invest savings back into Medicare by creating new dental, hearing and vision benefits


California Law Could Improve Access to Generic Drugs

Governor signs bill making drug companies prove their 'pay for delay' deals don't hinder competition


Cancer Patient Asks Congress to Allow Price Negotiations

Witnesses at hearing on Rx bill say measure would make medicines affordable


Plan Paves Way for Safely Importing Prescription Drugs

Consumers could get access to lower-priced medicines from abroad


Soaring Drug Prices Affect Nearly Every American

Lawmakers at every level need to address this problem


More States Win Prescription Drug Protections

Illinois, Massachusetts, Ohio advance fixes


Federal Judge Blocks Drug Transparency Rule

AARP calls ruling a step back in fight against skyrocketing prices


Specialty Drug Prices Soar to Nearly $79,000 a Year

AARP report finds costs average more than four times average annual Social Security benefit


Maine Gov. Approves New Prescription Drug Laws

Bills tackle price transparency, drug importation and create a medicine affordability board


Minnesota Consumers Gain Rx Protections

Wins include emergency refills and cost information from pharmacists


Texas Governor Signs Rx Price Transparency Bill

New law requires drugmakers to reveal large increases


Florida Governor Signs Drug Importation Bill

Colorado and other states advance proposals to allow consumers to get cheaper Canadian medicines


Drug Companies Ordered to Show Prices in TV Ads

New federal rule adds transparency to prescription costs for consumers


Here’s How to Lower Prescription Drug Prices

Problems that lawmakers and companies should tackle to reduce medicine costs


States Join Fight to Lower Prescription Prices

43 legislatures consider measures ranging from transparency to drug importation


The Barriers Blocking Cheaper Prescription Drugs

These practices reduce access to lower-cost medications


The Hidden Costs Behind Rx Discounts

Coupons and charity keep list prices high, costing insurers and governments more


Floridians Share Outrage Over Prescription Drug Prices

AARP CEO Jo Ann Jenkins kicks off Rx Greed listening tour. "We as a country are better than this. We shouldn't have our seniors struggling every day to meet their basic needs,” said Jenkins.


Generics 18 Times Cheaper Than Brand-Name Drugs

Competition continues to bring down prices for popular generic prescription medicines

Here's What Soaring Drug Costs Could Have Bought

Medicare forced to pay billions more to cover enrollees


Americans Can't Afford Rising Drug Prices

The high cost of drugs is forcing people to make difficult decisions