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AARP Hearing Center

FDA to Allow Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids

Those with mild to moderate hearing loss can now buy less expensive hearing aids without a medical exam


Hearing Aids and Help

6 Habits for Healthy Ears at Any Age

Expert tips for you on hearing aids, earwax, tinnitus and more

8 Ways to Save Money on Hearing Aids

Don't let the potential cost keep you from getting the help you need

Top 6 Problems With Hearing Aids

How to deal with common issues, from feedback to earwax buildup

How to Choose a Hearing Aid That's Right For You

Follow these expert suggestions before you make your next purchase

5 Signs You Need to Replace Your Hearing Aids

Health, lifestyle changes may be reasons for an upgrade

Your Hearing Life

Over-the-Counter Painkillers Could Raise Tinnitus Risk

Study finds link between pain medication and ringing in ears

How Much Do You Know About Hearing Aids?

Test your knowledge of these common devices with our quiz

Can COVID Cause Hearing Loss?

Researchers explore the link between the virus and the ears

8 Everyday Noises That Could Cause Hearing Loss

Lawnmowers, wood saws and even exercise classes can take a toll

The Surprising Link Between Hearing Loss and Diabetes

How this common medical condition can affect your ears as well

6 Bad Habits for Your Hearing That You May be Doing Daily

Avoid these behaviors in order to protect your ears long-term

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