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Hearing Loss Can Harm Brain Health, Cause Stress

Here are 9 top reasons you should take action now


4 Warning Signs of Melanoma That Are Easy to Miss

The dangerous skin cancer can take on odd forms and pop up in unexpected places

5 Conditions That Can Compromise COVID Vaccines

Doctors still recommend coronavirus vaccinations and other precautions

How to Overcome Your Fear of Flying

With a return to air travel, anxious passengers are again contending with this common phobia

Need Help? Discover AARP Community Connections

This website links volunteers with those in need in their communities

8 Everyday Noises That Could Cause Hearing Loss

Lawnmowers, leafblowers, exercise class, can take a toll on physical and mental health

5 Ways to Avoid Exercise Injuries After 50

Here's what experts recommend to get fit without strains, soreness or worse

Warning Signs of Thyroid Cancer You Shouldn't Ignore

What to know about 4 symptoms that could signal this type of highly curable cancer

Do You Need to Wear a Face Mask If You're Vaccinated?

Top health experts weigh in with their own advice on when masking up still makes sense

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Should You Take Metformin Despite the Recalls?

Experts explain the back-and-forth on this popular diabetes drug

Desserts for People With Diabetes

From chocolate to chia pudding, which treats to try if you’re watching your blood sugar

Can COVID-19 Cause Diabetes in Patients?

Researchers are working to understand surprising diagnoses in some hospitalized patients


How to Get Started With Telemedicine

We take you through setting up an appointment

Medicare Telehealth Use Soars During COVID-19 Pandemic

1 in 4 beneficiaries 'saw' medical provider remotely

How to Connect With Your Doctor Virtually

Tips for using a smartphone, tablet or computer

Healthy Living

5 Ways to Be Happier Now

Expert tips to bring more meaning and joy to your daily life — starting today

7 Superfoods You Should Be Eating After 50

These standouts can keep you healthy as nutritional needs change with age

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