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COVID Cases Among Nursing Home Residents Hit Record High

Report shows vast community spread of the virus continues to take its toll




Coronavirus and Travel: What You Should Know

Experts advise staying home for the holidays

What Is Emergency Use Authorization for Vaccines?

A look at the FDA's fast-track approval process

Coronavirus Vaccine: When Will We Have One?

Researchers race to find answers


Is Coronavirus Coming Home For The Holidays?

How to safely handle the return of college students

CDC: Face Masks Protect Wearers From Coronavirus

Latest findings come as pandemic grips entire nation


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Holiday Decorating to Raise Your Spirits

To offset COVID-19, people are going all out

7 Questions to Ask While Planning for Holidays

Here's how you and your family can stay safe

What to Do If Your College Student Gets COVID-19

Parents need to decide if they should come home

Who Do You Miss Most During COVID Isolation?

Remember loved ones lost, isolated or far away

7 Things Everyone Should Know About Depression

Who's at risk, symptoms and how to get help

Getting the Exercise You Need Just Got Easier

Here's 20-plus fitness videos to get you started


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