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6 Things You Must Know About Breakthrough Infections

Catching the virus after being fully vaccinated is unlikely, but it happens. Here's why.

CDC Urges Mask in High-Transmission Indoor Areas

Masks recommended again for vaccinated people

Could the COVID-19 Vaccine Help Long-Hauler Symptoms?

Accounts of quick recoveries spur research

the covid vaccine in your state

The latest on how to get the vaccine.


What Full FDA Approval of the Vaccines May Mean

Mandates and hesitancy could be affected

Most Common Vaccine Side Effects in Older Adults

Mild-to-moderate symptoms reported

Throwing Parties Again? 7 Tips to Get You Up to Speed

How to safely entertain and be a good host

10 Tips For Your Post-Pandemic Spending

Keep the good habits, cure the bad ones

5 Things to Know Before Going to the Pool This Summer

Advice on swimming safety as the pandemic wears on

The Delicate Issue of Vaccination Etiquette

Asking friends if they've had a shot

Tips for Renters, As Eviction Moratorium Ends

Assistance is available to some tenants

Your Membership

Caregiving for a Loved One More Caregiving News

More Nursing Homes Requiring Staff Vaccinations

More workers are getting inoculated

From Vaccine Skeptic to Advocate

Adelina Ramos urges coworkers to get vaccinated

How One Nursing Home Is Coming Back From COVID

Activities resume, but challenges remain


Travel Safety

Know Airlines' Current Policies as Flying Takes Off Again

It's back to business as usual in many ways

Do's and Don't's of (Almost) Post-Pandemic Travel

An anxious traveler navigates the new normal

Like Cruising? These People Are Totally Wild About It

Devoted cruisers are undaunted by the pandemic

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