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Couple out on a hike and taking photos.

The Power of Vaccines Across a Generation

A look at the life saving role of immunization for boomers



get help and give help is the tagline for a new community connections a a r p website at a a r p community connections dot org

Need Help? Discover AARP Community Connections

This website links volunteers with those in need in their communities

Statin pills on top of their box and a stethoscope nearby.

Doctors Are Reconsidering Statins After 75

Research shows that these cholesterol-lowering drugs deserve a closer look in older age

Man sneezing into his elbow. Laptop and tissues are in front of him.

Are Your Symptoms Sign of a Cold, the Flu or COVID-19?

Doctors answer the question on the minds of those feeling ill right now

Coronavirus Covid-19 Vaccine bottle with US money

New Federal Rule Makes COVID-19 Vaccines Free

Americans with Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance, as well as uninsured, won't pay

Woman touching her eyes, she looks uncomfortable.

Can You Feel Your Eyelid Twitching?

It may just be stress or caffeine but is sometimes cause for concern


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telehealth concept illustration with doctor coming out of laptop talking to patient who is monitoring their blood pressure on their smartphone

How to Get Started With Telemedicine

We take you through setting up an appointment

illustration of health diagnostic tools blood pressure cuff thermometer and scale

What Two Typical Telehealth Visits Look Like

What to expect at two common appointments

illustration of three devices used in telehealth to connect to a doctor which are a laptop a smartphone and a tablet

How to Connect With Your Doctor Virtually

Tips for using a smartphone, tablet or computer


couple exercising in their dining room

7 Simple Steps to Help You Lose Weight

Tips for making major progress through small shifts

Mushroom vegetarian burger on a bun.

5 Tasty Proteins to Replace Meat in Your Everyday Meals

Discover healthy, natural plant-based alternatives

Foot on orthopedic insole.

How Orthotics Can Keep You Running Longer

Tips on dealing with foot, ankle or knee pain


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