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William Shatner: Still Beaming

As 'Star Trek' turns 50, the SSE captain offers some warp-speed takeaways

William Shatner in Star Trek

CBS via Getty Images

William Shatner (right) along with costars Nichelle Nichols and Leonard Nimoy on "Star Trek"

Hit show? What hit show?

I mean, Star Trek teetered on the brink for three years. Even while we were on the air, I was probably keeping my eyes open for other jobs.

The power of 'Enterprise'

I was making a documentary, and I needed an airplane. So I cold-called an executive at the Canadian airplane manufacturer Bombardier and asked to borrow one. He said, "Sure! I became an aeronautical engineer because of you. This is my payback."

Starfleet rivals

I'm jealous of all the captains who followed me. Some are even young and good-looking. I was young and good-looking; the important word is "was."

'Star Trek' or 'Lost in Space'? Sorry, kids

My daughters didn't have the luxury of choosing between those two shows. Star Trek was the family business. I'm looking at a picture right now of two of my three girls, when they were maybe 6 and 7, on the set, playing characters. They were roped into it.

At peace with Captain Kirk

Whatever success I've had is because of him. I was a leading man, kissing the girls and fighting the villains. That's not a bad bag to be in.

— As told to Bill Newcott