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Barbara Walters: Making News for 50+ Years

A pioneer in broadcast journalism, Walters scored many firsts for women on TV

  • Kathi Norris, Ask The Camera Television Show, Barbara Walters Slideshow, Career

    1953: Young Newswoman

    En español | One of  Barbara Walters’ first jobs in television was producing the show Ask the Camera for WNBT in New York, with host Kathi Norris (left).

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  • Today Show, Television Show, Barbara Walters On The Phone, Slideshow

    1965: At the 'Today' Show

    Walters was hired as a writer and researcher for the Today show. She later became an on-air reporter.

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  • Barbara Walters Arrives At Airport During Nixon's Trip To China, Pan Am Airlines, Barbara Walters Slideshow

    1972: On Nixon's Trip to China

    Walters was the only female TV reporter among the journalists accompanying President Richard Nixon on his historic visit to China.

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  • Today Show Co-host, Jim Hartz, Barbara Walters Slideshow

    1974: 'Today' Show Cohost

    NBC News enlisted Walters and Jim Hartz, cohosts of Today, to handle national election coverage.

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  • ABC News Co-Anchor, Harry Reasoner, Barbara Walters Slideshow

    1976: ABC News Coanchor

    She joined Harry Reasoner to become the first woman to coanchor the ABC Evening News, earning a then-stunning $1 million salary.

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  • Barbara Walters Stands Next To Fidel Castro During Her Interview, Cuba, Barbara Walters Slideshow

    1977: In Cuba With Fidel Castro

    Walters interviewed Fidel Castro for an ABC News Special in June 1977. She later said she found him “very courtly” and “somewhat portly.”

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  • Barbara Walters Sits Down To Interview Then President Of Egypt Anwar Sadat And Israel's Prime Minister Menachem Begin, Barbara Walters Slideshow

    1977: Interviewing Sadat and Begin

    She arranged a joint interview with Egypt’s President Anwar Sadat and Israel’s Prime Minister Menachem Begin in November 1977.

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  • Barbara Walters Out At Night With Alan Greenspan, Barbara Walters Slideshow

    1978: On the Town With Greenspan

    Walters dated economist Alan Greenspan for a period during the ’70s; she’d been married and divorced twice.

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  • Former President Richard Nixon Sits Down To Be Interviewed, Barbara Walters Slideshow

    1980: Interviewing Nixon

    She interviewed Richard Nixon on ABC’s newsmagazine 20/20. It was Nixon’s first network TV interview since he resigned the presidency in 1974.

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  • Actor Clint Eastwood Poses With Barbara Walters, Celebrity, Interview, Barbara Walters Slideshow

    1982: With Clint Eastwood

    Walters interviewed major political figures and top stars, including actor Clint Eastwood, for her Barbara Walters Specials on ABC.

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  • Barbara Walters With Then Husband Merv Adelson, Barbara Walters Slideshow

    1986: Married to Merv Adelson

    Walters’ third husband was then-entertainment executive Merv Adelson. They’d met on a blind date in 1984 and divorced in 1992.

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  • Barbara Walters Out At Night With Her Daughter, Jackie Danforth, Barbara Walters Slideshow

    1990: With daughter Jackie

    Walters and her second husband, Lee Guber, adopted their daughter, Jacqueline (now Jackie Danforth), born in 1968.

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  • Barbara Walters Poses WIth Monica Lewinsky, Former Intern To President Clinton, Barbara Walters Slideshow

    1999: The Monica Interview

    Walters’ interview with Monica Lewinsky on 20/20 was watched by 70 million people. “Where was your self-respect?” Walters asked.

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  • Actor And Comedien Eddie Murphy, Poses With Barbara Walters During Her Oscar Night Special, Television Program, Barbara Walters Slideshow

    2007: Her Oscar Special

    Eddie Murphy was just one of the stars on Barbara Walters’ Oscar Night Special, which ran on the evening of the Academy Awards from 1981 to 2010.

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  • 10 Most Fascinating People, Television Program, Jennifer Lopez, Actress, Singer, Interview, Barbara Walters Slideshow

    2010: Her Fascinating People

    Her annual 10 Most Fascinating People special on ABC featured heads of state, entrepreneurs, artists and stars such as Jennifer Lopez

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  • The View, Television Show, Whoopi Goldberg, Jennifer McCarthy, Sherri Shepherd, Barbara Walters Slideshow

    2013: Farewell to 'The View'

    Walters, who created The View in 1997, began her final season with cohosts (left to right) Whoopi Goldberg, Jenny McCarthy and Sherri Shepherd.

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