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Love to Stargaze? 2013 Awards Show Highlights

Check out our celebrity-studded slideshows featuring age 50+ faces and fashions

and the winner is ...

The Academy Awards

Alas, Sally Field didn't win, but she looked great. We've got the winners and runners-up, the best-dressed and the rest. Watch

  • Lunch With the Oscar Nominees. Read

The Prime Time Emmy Awards

Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Michael Douglas, Alfre Woodard, Stephen Colbert and other grownup favorites were on display, and sparkling. Watch

  • Highlights and Backstage Chats. Read


The Golden Globes

In a good night for grownups from the big screen and small, Jodie Foster (newly 50) stole the show. Watch

  • The Golden Globe: A Chintzy Trophy. Read

The Screen Actors Guild Awards

Dick Van Dyke was honored for his fantastic career, and Daniel Day-Lewis, Julianne Moore and others were among the big winners. Watch

  • Dick Van Dyke: A Career in Pictures. Watch

The Grammy Awards

With appearances by Ellen, Beyoncé, Prince, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Sting, Elton John and more, young and old(er) made great music together. Watch

  • Grammys For Everyone, From 15 to 50-Plus. Read