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Make Your Own Dance Party With These Videos

Gloria Gaynor, Jefferson Starship and Debbie Allen inspire you to get up and move

Debbie Allen's dance lesson

Thousands of people joined AARP and the global dance movement company Daybreaker last month for a morning of social connection, music and inspired dance.

With virtual performances by well-known artists from the ‘60s and ‘70s, the dancers celebrated the power of music and movement to connect us all and improve overall health. They also were encouraged to show off their moves on the “dance cam."

Famed choreographer-dancer-actress Debbie Allen kicked things off with an easy-to-follow lesson (available above). Follow Allen's instructions, and you will be able to dance to anything.

Veteran rockers Jefferson Starship encouraged a sing-along to the group's socially distanced performance of “Somebody to Love,” and the incomparable Gloria Gaynor sang her feminist anthem “I Will Survive” from her living room. Harpist Lexie Lowell brought the event to a close. All the performances can be seen below.

Jefferson Starship performs “Somebody to Love”

Gloria Gaynor sings "I Will Survive"

Lexie Lowell's harp performance