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Macklemore Gives Grandma the Best Birthday Gift Ever

The hip-hop artist makes her the star of a must-see music video

She's just turned 100, and he’s a famous 34-year-old hip-hop recording artist. Together they made a music video that has quickly turned into an internet sensation.  

The video, called "Glorious," celebrates the birthday of Macklemore's grandmother Helen. At the start, she answers the door and gets a huge surprise when she sees her grandson standing there. “Oh my God! Ben, get in here. What are you doing here, honey? You made me cry," she says.

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He tells her: “Today we’re going to do whatever you want to do.” Her reply: “Anything?... I want to do it all!”

Riding in a gold classic Cadillac convertible, Macklemore grants her first wish — to egg a front door. After a few tosses, he pushes her away in her wheelchair, and the two give each other high fives.

Other stops include a karaoke bar where the two rap and a grocery store where the pair ride around on motorized scooters. Afterward, they stop off at a tattoo parlor where Macklemore — whose real name is Benjamin Haggerty — appears to get a tattoo bearing his grandmother’s name. 

The final stop is a consignment store where Helen picks out something to wear to her birthday party. As they walk back into her house, three friends greet her. They play cards, and she blows out the candles on her cake. Next, a man dressed as a firefighter walks in. Instantly, the women begin to laugh hysterically, especially when the male dancer does a headstand of sorts in one of their laps.

Macklemore and his grandmother in a still from the video for the song 'Glorious'

Courtesy of Macklemore

Macklemore with his grandmother, Helen, for her 100th birthday

While there were many laughs, the video includes a dose of real sweetness, too, by showing Macklemore helping his grandmother with her walker and wheelchair.

The video ends with grandmother and grandson taking a drive to a dock, where they watch the sunset over a lake.

Macklemore was the first to post a comment on the YouTube video and said: “Grandma — nothing is more Glorious than you. Happy 100th. Thank you for the Werthers Originals. The advice. And for being a part of something that I’ll treasure forever. Love Ben.”

Can we all say "awww"?