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Courtesy Molly Jacques

Video run time is 20 minutes.


Art Tutorial: Create Customized Place Cards With Illustrator Molly Jacques

Using watercolors and colored pencils, make something your dinner party guests will rave about

Want to make your next dinner guests feel extra special? In this 20-minute lesson, illustrator Molly Jacques will teach how to create one-of-a-kind place cards with hand lettering. She’ll begin with a glimpse of the final product to give you some inspiration, move on to how to cut out your cards, score and fold them, plan out guest names, and hand-letter them beautifully. 

Materials needed:

  •  Sharpened pencil with eraser 
  •  Sharpened colored pencils 
  •  Any solid-color card stock 
  •  Scissors 
  •  Ruler 


About Molly Jacques

Born and raised in a small Midwestern town, Jacques grew up alongside parents who fully encouraged her love of art and all things creative. From a young age, her passion for drawing was easily seen pinned up throughout her bedroom and on the family refrigerator. At the age of 18, she packed up all of her belongings to go study illustration at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit. In 2010, she earned her bachelor of fine art degree, with a concentration in illustration.

Soon after graduation, Jacques started working part-time for the high-end stationery company Sugar Paper. Throughout her time there, she soaked up lots of inspiration and found her true passion: calligraphy and lettering. In 2011, she took the plunge into a full-time freelance career, and since then has built her business from the ground up. Her work is strongly grounded in word aesthetics, ranging from lettering and calligraphy to typeface design and traditional illustration. Learn more at

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