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Having a Flexible Work Schedule Can Make You Feel (re)markable. Find a Part-Time Job on AARP’s Job Board.

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Get a newer and safer vehicle while saving with the AARP Auto Buying Program. Experience a fresh approach to car buying

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Top Vehicle Technologies for Mature Drivers

Watch demonstrations of today's top automotive technologies

Best Car Features for Caregivers

When you're a chauffeur for older adults, young children or people with certain disabilities, what you drive matters

CarFit: Does Your Car Fit You?

Improve your safety and comfort behind the wheel

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Buying a Car for a New Graduate?

Cool and tempting, cute and safe

11 Ways to Save on Car Costs

Buying a car? Save money on car costs with tips on when deals for new car prices are best, mileage, and how to avoid the extras

2018 Picks from 'Consumer Reports'

Best bets in 10 categories


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