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2016 Subaru Crosstrek

Buying a Car? Some Models Hold Their Value Better Than Others

Depreciation is the biggest cost of car ownership but also keep in mind other factors as you decide

gray Honda Passport

High Performance SUVs

Many models have turbo power that older buyers really like

How to Get the Best Car Loan

Your credit score is only the beginning

assortment of various cars in a parking lot

50 Shades of Gray

Automakers' palettes include an array of shades, but most consumers don't want them

New cars parking at dealership

About Subscription Services

The alternative to vehicle leasing is more like renting, but often expensive

boomers shopping for a new in with salesman in a dealership

Tips on Leasing a Car

How you can save money, get the latest tech and enjoy other perks over ownership

couple car shopping at a dealership

AARP Auto Buying Program

Get a newer and safer vehicle while saving money. See how it works

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