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assortment of various cars in a parking lot

50 Shades of Gray: Can You Find Your Vehicle in a Parking Lot?

Automakers' palettes include an array of shades, but most consumers don't want them

Best Vehicle for You

2019 Subaru Ascent

‘Consumer Reports’ Top Cars

The annual list of auto recommendations picks Subaru as the number-one brand

jim leaham standing next to two electric cars

Travel Becomes Electric

A week with two battery-powered cars was a real charge — but also a bit draining

couple admiring car in dealership

Should You Buy a Used Car?

Things to consider when trying to decide between pre-owned and new

Your Membership

Additional Car Buying Resources

Two Suburu vehicles photoshopped on a fall background with leaves

AARP Auto Buying Program

Get a newer and safer vehicle while saving money. See how it works

Automatic braking system concept

New Vehicle Technology

The features now available in most vehicles are meant to assist drivers and keep them safe on the road

boomers sitting in car, getting handed keys to new car

Tips on Leasing a Car

How you can save money, get the latest tech and enjoy other perks over ownership


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