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couple talking to a salesman at a car dealership

When Is the Best Time of the Year to Buy a Car?

December often has good year-end sales. But end-of-month or model-year deals can be worth catching

Best Vehicle for You

Ford Explorer ST 2020

High Performance SUVs

Many models have turbo power that older buyers really like

assortment of various cars in a parking lot

50 Shades of Gray

Automakers' palettes include an array of shades, but most consumers don't want them

Two Suburu vehicles photoshopped on a fall background with leaves

AARP Auto Buying Program

Get a newer and safer vehicle while saving money. See how it works

Your Membership

Car Buying Resources

How to Get a Low Auto Loan

Just like cars, some loans are better deals than others. Learn how to get the best rate

Ford Focus with Alexa featured in dashboard

In-Car Voice Controls

Connected car features create a new auto-home network 

boomers sitting in car, getting handed keys to new car

Tips on Leasing a Car

How you can save money, get the latest tech and enjoy other perks over ownership


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