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Leadership Development Helps Solve Challenges

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Leadership is about consistently thinking and acting differently to solve today’s challenges and to make a difference. Leaders who commit to personal and organizational evolution create the most effective foundation for sustainable results.

Leadership — We believe that leadership is about consistently thinking and acting differently to solve today’s challenges and to make a difference. Leaders who commit to personal and organizational evolution create the most effective foundation for sustainable results. To that end, we offer leadership development resources to our state REA associations to strengthen and grow themselves and their leaders, through group and virtual training, individual coaching and tools to help them take action immediately.

Resources — Leadership Support

Engaging Younger Members Toolkit  

To help REAs explore ways to create more inspiring experiences that appeal to younger members and volunteers ages 50 to 64, we have developed a Younger Members Toolkit.   

We know that this younger population seeks a community and membership experience that provides for more conversation and participation than what we have traditionally offered. Additionally, younger generations are looking for places where they feel special and valued. And they demand a higher level of participation than their 65-plus counterparts.

This NRTA toolkit provides REAs with a framework to create better ways to meet the needs of younger age groups. The recommended framework breaks a member experience down into its essential parts: setting, tone, action and roles, or STAR. 

Each element of the toolkit is available below:

  • Setting Tool: This is all about creating a setting that younger members find innovative and appealing.
  • Setting Checklist 1 and 2: Finding the right venue and layout.
  • Tone Tool: This is all about the mood and energy of your member experience.
  • Tone Checklist: Everything from lighting and decor to food and attire can affect the member experience. 
  • Action Tool: This is all about the substance of your member experience.
  • Action Checklist: Four stages to create a great member experience.
  • Roles Tool: This is all about who is doing what to implement the best member experience.
  • Roles Checklist: Three roles for those involved with events, and what to do.
  • Toolkit for Younger Members: This is an introduction to the spectrum of younger members retired educators might come into contact with, and suggestions on how to engage each one.   

Facebook How-To Video Series

NRTA and AARP TEK have teamed up to create a series of three videos to help retired educators set up and grow their presence on Facebook. Facebook is a powerful tool that can help retired educators in many ways — networking and socializing, building awareness of Retired Educators Associations, or even growing a small business. You’ll learn everything from setting up a Facebook account to finding friends and even advertising.  

The videos are as follows and can be viewed at these links:

  1. Getting Started With Facebook 
  2. Stepping Up Your Facebook Presence
  3. Harnessing the Power of Facebook

Also available are more social media videos and resources courtesy of AARP TEK.

Image and Branding Toolkit

As part of NRTA’s efforts to provide strategic support to the state REAs, we developed fact sheets to enhance each REA’s image and branding efforts. Ultimately, the fact sheets in this toolkit can help enhance each REA’s membership recruitment and retention programs.

The fact sheets are:

Download the package of fact sheets here. 

Igniting Positive Change for Your Organization

NRTA partnered with Kristi Daniels, author of Thrive 9 to 5: Your Guide to Peak Performance at Work, to create e-briefings to inspire leaders and ignite positive change within your associations. She shares best practices from today’s leaders in high performance and human motivation. Discover, share and replicate strategies within your leadership and volunteer teams that can make an immediate positive change in your association.

This e-briefing series is designed to assist REA leaders to develop an action plan that will:

  • Inspire members and leaders
  • Create a dynamic culture
  • Drive member recruitment, retention and strategic planning efforts

More information on the e-briefings and the links are below:

Inspiring Winning Attitudes: How to Revolutionize Your Volunteer Base enables you to discover how to incite a “Yes we can!” attitude. The presentation includes a framework you can immediately put into action to uncover the mystery of personal motivation. You’ll also learn how to tap into a volunteer’s inner enthusiasm and drive using the latest science in human performance. Inspiring Winning Attitudes: How to Revolutionize Your Volunteer Base is available here.

7 Secrets of Strategic Messaging: Create Messages that Mobilize Volunteers to Action will help supercharge your marketing messages. If you’ve ever wondered how to strengthen messaging to better engage members and prospective retirees, this is a valuable resource you don’t want to miss. You’ll discover secrets to connect, engage and mobilize your audience. You also will learn how to enhance your message to recruit and retain members while fostering participation. 7 Secrets of Strategic Messaging is available here.

The Power of a Values Driven Community will help REAs unify their volunteer base around core values. You will discover the power of values, along with ideas for defining those values. You also will learn how to use these values to engage your volunteers and members while driving your organization forward. This e-briefing also offers insight on how values can help drive member recruitment and retention activities. The Power of a Values Driven Community is available here.

Living the Culture of Service helps organizations strengthen their culture of service. You will see how service empowers volunteers to give back in meaningful ways and connect to a purpose greater than themselves. It will also provide your leadership team with a structure to prioritize your strategic planning, programs and initiatives. Living the Culture of Service is available here