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Great Jobs for Workers Over 50

You may already be qualified — although you might need a certificate to prove it

  • 10 Great Jobs for workers over 50 - Interpreter


    En español |  Use your fluency in English and other languages to provide translations in health care and other fields. Growth: 46.1 percent.

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  • 10 Great Jobs for workers over 50 - Patient Advocate

    Patient Advocate

    Support patients as they navigate the health care system. Growth projection for health care social workers, which includes some advocates: 26.8 percent.

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  • 10 Great Jobs for workers over 50 - Dietician


    Hospitals, retirement communities and companies with wellness programs hire dietitians to do nutritional screenings and meal planning. Growth: 21.1 percent.

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  • 10 Great Jobs for workers over 50 - Fitness trainer

    Fitness trainer

    There's a big need for trainers who design workouts for people ages 65 to 90. Growth: 12.5 percent.

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  • 10 Great Jobs for workers over 50 - Independent Contractor

    Independent contractor

    Whatever your occupation, do it on your own and sell your services to others.

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  • 10 Great Jobs for workers over 50 - Massage Therapist

    Massage therapist

    Massages are growing at spas, clinics and hotels. Growth: 22.6 percent.

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  • 10 Great Jobs for workers over 50 - Eco-landscaper
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    Green thumbs willing to train in horticulture and landscape design can join the burgeoning field of "sustainable" gardening, which uses less water. Growth of landscape designers: 14.3 percent.

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  • 10 Great Jobs for workers over 50 - Accountant / financial manager
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    Accountant/financial manager

    Good with numbers? Help businesses, nonprofits and others with payroll, accounts payable, taxes and financial reports. Growth: 13.1 percent.

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  • 10 Great Jobs for workers over 50 - Home modification pro

    Home modification professional

    Retrofit houses to meet the needs of older homeowners. Growth for construction managers, which includes some home modification professionals: 16.1 percent.

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  • 10 Great Jobs for workers over 50 - Personal Financial Advisor

    Personal financial adviser

    Help consumers with taxes, investments and estate planning. Growth projection: 27 percent.

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Sources: Getting the Job You Want After 50 for Dummies by Kerry Hannon, Bureau of Labor Statistics growth projections for 2012 to 2022.


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