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Encore Entrepreneurs

Get help from experts and see resources to move your small business ideas forward

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Use entrepreneurship resources that help you as a small business owner flourish.

AARP and the Small Business Administration (SBA) have partnered to host Encore Mentoring events that help Americans over age 50 get real-world information they need to start and grow small businesses. Attendees will get counseling, training and mentoring on how to small business creation.

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Through online educational resources and in-person events, you’ll get help on assessing whether you are ready to start a business, writing a business plan, seeking financing, getting expert mentoring, and more.

AARP state offices and SBA District Offices will host events for Encore Entrepreneurs specifically designed for those age 50 and older who want to start or grow a small business.  Summer of Encore Mentoring events will be held during the months of June, July and August. More encore events are offered throughout the year through SBA.

Be sure to take the free online course for 50-plus entrepreneurs and review the checklist, Is Entrepreneurship Right for You?, which can help you determine whether you're ready to be your own boss. Enter your zip code or click on a map on SBA’s Local Assistance website to connect with SBA district offices and other resources in your area that can help you find the targeted resources you need to start, operate and grow your small business.

Also, visit our work tools and resources page to view the webinar series and upcoming online events that features a variety of topics, including expanding an existing business, developing a business plan and financing your enterprise.