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5 Jobs Not Requiring a College Degree

Annual median salary is about $50,000, and some have room for growth

Jobs Without A 4-year Degree Requirement

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From electricians to medical records technicians, there are a number of jobs worth considering.

Are you on the search for a new job or thinking about restarting your career? If so, you’re not alone. Thousands of people are scouring the job market daily looking for a new position. 

A common frustration among people without a college degree is finding an employer who is willing to pay for their skills and experience, even though they don't have advanced schooling. While statistics show people with a college education make more than those without one, it doesn’t mean there aren’t jobs for you.

What Jobs Pay the Most Without a Degree?

According to CareerCast, these five jobs require only a high school diploma  — and they pay about $50,000 annually.

  • Executive Assistant, median salary $53,235

Now more than ever executive assistants are doing more in the office and they are getting compensated for their work. CareerCast has the median salary for this position at $53,235 annually. There could also be career advancements with this job, as you’ll be exposed to a lot of business practices, possibly making it easier for you to get promoted without a college degree.

  • Medical Records Technician, median salary $37,254

The health industry is rapidly growing, and there’s a need for workers. You don’t need a doctorate to make a decent wage. While a number of positions require an associates degree, some medical records technician jobs require only a certification, according to USA Today, and pay about $37,254 annually.

  • Industrial Machine Repairer, median salary $48,239

Specialty work is important and that’s why there is a need for industrial machine repairers. The median salary for this position is $48,239 and the demand for this sort of job is projected to increase by 16 percent by 2024.  

  • Electrician, median salary $51,880 

As businesses grow, technology expands and the housing market picks up there is a need for electricians. While education is offered in this area, most states require you to be licensed. Depending on the company that hires you, you’ll likely be offered training and more opportunities. The salary for this position is about $51,880.

  • Plumber, median salary $50,620

Similar to an electrician, education is offered in this area but not required. CareerCast noted an added bonus for this position is the opportunity for independent business ownership. You could also take advantage of training offered at area community colleges and start your own business. The median salary for this position is $50,620.

You can view a full list of jobs that don't require a college diploma at CareerCast.

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