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Personal Trainer

$30,000 a year

Personal Trainer Tony DiCosta works with a client at a gym

Dustin Cohen

Tony DiCosta, 67  

Home: Cape Coral, Fla.    Previous life: Media professional

How he did it


$160,000 a year

Innkeepers Bill and Linda Perry, cooking in their kitchen

Dustin Cohen

Bill Petry, 74 and Linda Petry, 70  

Home: Lewisburg, Pa.    Previous life: Lutheran pastor (Bill), consumer science teacher (Linda)

Why they did it

Real Estate Agent

$50,000-90,000 a year

Real Estate Agent Joan Maguire sits on the curb in front of a house, near a For Sale sign

Dustin Cohen

JoAnn Maguire, 75

Home: Churchville, Pennsylvania    Previous life: Schoolteacher

How she did it

Bicycle Tour Guide

$40-100 an hour

Marty Shatz, 67, leads a bike tour from the Santa Monica Pier to the Venice canals

Sam Comen

Marty Schatz, 67  

Home: Culver City, Calif.     Previous life: History teacher 

How He Did It

Organic Farmers

$100,000 sales per year

Organic Famers Nikki Ausschnitt and Steve Krieg in their garden

Sam Comen

Nikki Ausschnitt, 72 and Steve Krieg, 65

Home: Yorkville, Calif.    Previous Life: Visual artist (Nikki) and attorney (Steve)   

How They Did It

Store Owner

$0 salary in first year

Franchise store owner Miguel Escobar, 59, and his wife Maria Vidal-Escobar inside their pool store

Poon Watchara-Amphaiwan

Miguel Escobar, 59

Home: Cypress, Texas    Previous life: Oil industry product manager 

Why He Did It

Skin-Care Entrepreneur

$100,000 a year

Skincare Entrepreneur Cynthia Besteman shows off her products in a meeting

Dustin Cohen

Cynthia Besteman, 52

Home: New York    Previous life: Real estate broker

Why She Did It

Company Founder

$120,000 a year

Mike Bertelsen, founder of Cowboy Cauldron, adds wood to a cauldron fire

Sam Comen

Mike Bertelsen, 57

Home: Salt Lake City    Previous life: Lobbyist and television producer

How He Did It


$5,000 a year

Nature Photographer Richard Turner (with wife Prem Hunji) taking a photo in a field

Sam Comen

Richard Turner, 79

Home: Sacramento, Calif.    Previous work: Attorney

 Why He Did It

Park Ranger

$15,000 a year

Park Ranger Dale Klco holding an owl at the Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge and Nature Center

Dustin Cohen

Dale Klco, 68

Home: Hobe Sound, Fla.    Previous life: Electrician 

 How He Did It  

Flight Attendant

$38,000 a year

Flight Attendant Venetia Clark stands beside a jet

Poon Watchara-Amphaiwan

Venetia Clark, 58

Home: Frankfort, Ill.         Previous life: Pharmacist 

How She Did It


$250,000 a year

Geriatrician and Physician Christianne Bishop examines a female patient with a stethoscope

Sam Comen

Christianne Bishop, 67

Home: Lodi, Calif.    Previous life: Court reporter

Why She Did It


$70,000 a year

nurse Robert McManus

Dustin Cohen

Robert McManus, 63  

Home: Lexington, S.C.    Previous life: Lab chemist in hazardous waste industry

 Why He Did It

Massage Therapist

$30,000 a year

Massage therapist Julie MacDonald massages a patient's upper back

Sam Comen

Julie MacDonald, 58

Home: Libby, Mont.  Previous life: Cafeteria Manager

Why She Did It

More Careers

Attorney, Inventor, Voiceover Artist and Librarian

How they did it