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A woman is teaching an online class

20 Side Jobs You Can Do for Extra Money Now

Part-time work and freelance gigs offer opportunities to pull in additional pay


A person filling a Paycheck Protection Program loan application.

How to Spot Paycheck Protection Program Scams

Fraudsters target small businesses seeking help

Construction workers

10 Occupations That Bounced Back in June

Unemployment rate for workers 55 and older drops


A man working from his kitchen table

Working From Home May Not Be Cheaper for Older Adults

Grocery and utility bills often increase

A resume with a magnifying glass on top of it

How to Handle Layoffs and Other Gaps on Your Résumé

5 tips on how to describe time away from work


A woman is putting on a mask at work

Is It Safe to Go Back to the Office?

Experts say communication is key

A worker gets a temperature check before being allowed back at work

What Your Boss Can and Can't Do During the Pandemic

Rules on temperature checks and more

A man sitting at his desk working on his resume

8 Resume Mistakes That Can Keep You From Getting Hired

These common errors can hurt your chances


Age Discrimination

older person bent over carrying a box from cleaning out their desk leaving a job and pursued by speech bubbles that contain age related insults such as fossil and geezer

Learn the Language of Age Discrimination

Older workers can be bullied in the workplace

illustration of three younger workers entering for an interview through a classified ad browser with an older worker left behind

7 Signs You've Been a Victim of Age Discrimination

What to look for if you think you've suffered age bias

A wooden gavel with the scales of justice statue

Fighting Age Discrimination in the Courts

Justice was elusive and incomplete for some

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