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Bulletin Poll: Summer Vacations 2012

The purpose of this brief poll was to investigate the similarities and differences of those ages 18 to 49 and those ages 50+ of their summer vacation plans.

Key findings include:

  • More than half of each age group (18-49: 56%; 50+: 54%) say they are not planning to take a summer vacation in the summer of 2012.

  • Staying closer to home is identified by about one-quarter of each group (18-49: 26%; 50+: 23%) as a vacation cost-saving measure.

  • The only significant difference by age is that younger adults (18-49 years) are more likely to say they will take a shorter trip because of costs than those age 50+ (15% vs. 10%).

Data were collected by a random-digit dial telephone omnibus survey between April 25-29, 2012, of 1,000 respondents age 18+. For more information, contact Linda Barrett at 202-434-6197. 

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