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Two marijuana leaves superimposed on a caduceus medical symbol

Medical Marijuana: Your Questions Answered

Who uses it, how it may help and what the science says

Editors' Picks

A multigenerational workforce

Changing the Future of the Workplace for All Ages

Creating a multigenerational workforce will be one of our greatest opportunities

Illustration of a clock in a person's head

Giving Your Brain a Needed Boost

How to make your next 24 hours happy, healthy, and smart

Table with dishes

Is the 'Keto Diet' Good for Older Adults?

This fat-burning approach may not be safe for everyone

Your Money

Male shop owner hanging open sign in spice shop window

Consider Waiting to Claim Your Social Security Benefits

An extra year of work can make a big difference

Woman in jeans looks at laptop

Should You Hold Onto 401(k) Accounts from Old Jobs?

Read this before rolling money into an IRA

Customer Loyalty Cards

How to Find the Best Customer Loyalty Programs

Maximize your savings with little risk

Featured Video

white line

The Property Brothers share their tips on updating your bedroom to maximize space and add storage.

Hot Topics

Should You Hold a Medical Fundraiser?

Crowdfunding sometimes works, but it poses ethical, financial issues

How to Fix Those Aching Feet

Solutions and exercises to manage Common foot ailments and pain

Understanding How Hearing Aids Work

High-intensity interval training may help you build muscle and cut fat faster than traditional cardio

More Retirees are Choosing to Live Together

Older adults opt to share space to save money and care for each other





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