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2016 AARP Connecticut Survey: Community Features That Matter in Voters' Decisions to Stay in State


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Registered voters ages 25 and older in Connecticut are grounded in their communities.  In fact, for most (78%), young and old alike, remaining in their community for as long as possible is important with nearly half (46%) saying it is very important to them.  Connecticut communities have a lot to offer residents but some lack important features. 

Key findings include the following:

  • At least half of millennial voters say they are not at all likely to leave their community (60%) or the state (56%).

  • More Boomers and Millennials than GenXers have lived in their community over 20 years. 

  • Good job opportunities are very important to most voters (78%), but over half (55%) indicate good job opportunities are needed in their community.

  • Dependable public transportation/well-designed and maintained streets are very important to half or more of all respondents but in need by over a quarter of all respondents.

  • Affordable housing and housing options for the disabled are very important to over three in five respondents yet over one-quarter indicate a community need for affordable housing and housing options for the disabled.

The AARP 2016 Connecticut Survey:  Opinions on Livable Communities and Caregiving was conducted as a telephone survey among Connecticut registered voters age 25+ on issues relating to their Community, Transportation, Employment and Work, and Family Caregiving.  The interviews were conducted in English by Precision Opinion from March 23rd to April 6th, 2016. For more information contact Jennifer Sauer at

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