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8 Fun Indoor Activities to Do With Your Grandkids

Educational projects that will keep the kids — and you — entertained for hours

En español | Do you dread hearing your grandchildren complain, "I'm bored!" when they're spending time with you? In today's hyperkinetic world, it's not always easy to keep kids engaged and entertained. One of the best ways to hold their attention is to challenge their minds and stimulate creativity. Here are some cool and easy indoor activities from and its community. Have fun together and encourage kids' natural curiosity!

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1. Let it snow! Find out why every snowflake is unique. No snow? No worries – learn how to grow your own ice crystals together! All you'll need is some Borax and common household items such as scissors, string and a pencil.

8 Cool Science Activities to do with Grandkids- a grandfather presses his grandchild's hands into cement to make prints

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Engage children in multifaceted projects that tap into their curiosity and creativity.

2. Think about ink. Learn how ink is made and what makes it permanent. Then get artistic with ink blots, thumbprint art or coffee filter prints. You don't need fancy art supplies to be creative – let their imaginations go wild!

3. Learn about temperature by nibbling chocolate. Discover the science behind melting and cooling chocolate in the "tempering" process as you create scrumptious treats for the whole family to share.

4. Dive into th e coral reef. Follow the real-life adventures of underwater explorers and test your knowledge of coral reefs with fun online games.

5. Make like glue and stick together. Ever wonder why glue doesn't stick to the inside of the glue jar? Find out how various kinds of glues are made, then make your own homemade glue with flour, water, sugar and vinegar. Use it to create decorations and family gifts.

6. Experiment with chemical reactions. Oil and water don't mix very well, but add some food coloring and Alka-Seltzer and see how chemistry creates your very own lava lamp!

7. When life gives you lemons make batteries. You don't have to be Benjamin Franklin to create your own electricity. It's easy to generate your own battery power. All you need is a lemon, a dime and a penny to make a homemade lemon battery.

8. Create your own fog machine. Fog seems very mysterious, but it's actually just a cloud that's close to the ground. Find out how fog is generated and where the foggiest places on earth are. Then gather up a bottle, hot water, rubbing alcohol and an ice cube — and make some fog.

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