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People wait to vote

How Will the Country's Many Crises Affect Your Vote?

Pandemic, economy, race likely to drive November election outcomes


News & Analysis

a message from jo ann jenkins on coronavirus

As COVID-19 Cases Skyrocket, Let’s Stay Diligent

It’s important to protect ourselves and our loved ones

A woman is working at a polling place

How Older Voters Will Decide the 2020 Election

November remains unpredictable

A person is talking to another person at a polling location during the election

Three Primaries Go On Amid Coronavirus

Many states have expanded absentee voting

An I voted sticker being held by a person with a blue glove on their hand

Will the Coronavirus Affect the 50-Plus Vote?

See how citizens will cast their votes

Two men walking up steps wearing masks

Another Round of Stimulus Proposed in HEROES Act

House approves bill, but Senate support unlikely


Election 2020

wooden blocks printed with letters spell out the word medicare

2020 Election May Decide Future of Medicare

Growing federal deficit could force changes

Prescription bottles and pills on a counter

What Impact Will the Election Have on Drug Prices?

Topic remains a major issue despite the coronavirus

paper cut out illustration of a house and family covered with an umbrella that says medicaid

What Will Happen to Medicaid After the Election?

Politicians across the country will affect the program


'She's the Difference' Polls

senior woman smiling standing at voting booth

Women 50 and Older Could Decide the Election

Almost all plan to vote and a wide majority are still undecided

south carolina voter poll of women age fifty plus

Women Voters Fired Up in South Carolina

Health care, retirement savings are top concerns


nevada voter poll of women age fifty plus

Nevada’s Looking for Health Care Solutions

Majority of Democratic voters attended caucuses

new hampshire voter poll of women age fifty plus

Independents Were the Primary Deciders in N.H.

Health care, environment are top issues

iowa voter poll of women age fifty plus

Health Care Dominates Among 50-Plus Women Voters in Iowa

AARP poll predicted strong caucus turnout


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