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A A R P s Be the Difference. Vote campaign

Government is broken. Politicians don’t seek common ground, arguing rather than creating results. But critical issues like Social Security, Medicare and prescription drug costs are all on the line. That’s why your voice matters. Let’s hold politicians accountable by voting this November.

Will the Next Congress Cut Medicare?

The midterm elections could influence whether lawmakers strengthen the program or make beneficiaries pay more

News & Analysis

Election Winners Could Determine Medicaid’s Future

New lawmakers will decide whether to cut or maintain the safety-net program’s benefits

Florida Candidates Tackle ‘Medicare for All’

Health care dominates the discussion at an AARP and Politico event about the midterm elections

Family Caregivers Look for Support from Candidates

Midterm elections could affect legislation to help millions care for a loved one

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Midterms Could Shape Future of Social Security

Next Congress faces tough choices to keep program funded

The Power of the 50+ Voter

AARP chief advocacy and engagement officer Nancy LeaMond urges older Americans to take the pledge to vote

AARP on the Issues

Social Security, Health Care Are Top Concerns for Older Florida Voters

Social Security, health care are the top issues on the minds of older Florida voters when they cast their ballots, according to a Politico/AARP poll


More Polling Places Accessible for People With Disabilities

Easier absentee balloting, mail voting and online services offer alternatives


Older Florida Voters Rate Trump High on Economy, National Security

Politico/AARP Florida poll finds the president’s approval rating not as high for health care, drug prices


How Secure Will Ballot Boxes Be This Election Season?

Feds and states are starting to beef up security and accuracy of voting machines


The Immense Power of the Older Voter

If candidates want to win, they better pay attention to the issues that matter to Americans 50-plus


AARP Launches Voter Engagement Campaign

AARP launched “Be the Difference. Vote,” a multifaceted campaign designed to maximize the influence of 50-plus voters in this year’s midterm elections.


Six Ways to Check Out a Candidate

Voters will be bombarded with information from different candidates. Here are different ways you can cut through the clutter and become an informed voter


Do You Need to Show ID to Vote?

Some states require a photo ID before you can cast your ballot


Election Season Heats Up

Ongoing primaries are leading the way to one of the most important midterm elections in decades