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AARP Recognized as One of Fast Company's Best Workplaces for Innovators

As companies innovate, they should help us live better as we age

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Jo Ann Jenkins

En español | We were honored this week when Fast Company magazine named AARP as one of its 2020 Best Workplaces for Innovators. This list honors businesses and organizations that demonstrate a deep commitment to encouraging innovation at all levels. We were proud to be ranked No. 14. Developed in collaboration with Accenture, the 2020 Best Workplaces for Innovators ranks 100 winners from a variety of industries, including computer science, biotech, consumer packaged goods, nonprofit, education, financial services, cybersecurity and engineering.

AARP is an organization with a long history of innovation. Our founder, Dr. Ethel Percy Andrus, created the first national group health insurance program for seniors, years before Medicare, one of the first mail-order prescription drug services and many other programs to help people live better as they age, and we've been at it ever since.

Today, innovation is a key to our work to empower people to choose how they live as they age. That's why we created AARP Innovation Labs to help shape the future of aging, promote healthy aging, support family caregivers, and help older Americans build financial resilience and combat social isolation. Through our own research and collaborations with technology companies, start-ups and entrepreneurs, we're developing products such as Alcove, Savo, HomeFit AR and others to help people live better as they age.

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AARP employees are empowered to be everyday innovators in aging to spark real solutions that meet the needs of older adults and their families today and in the future. This has been especially important as tens of millions of older Americans struggle to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic.

One example is AARP's recently launched Community Connections interactive website, which helps users organize and find local volunteer groups to help pick up groceries, provide financial assistance or lend emotional support to neighbors, friends and loved ones amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of efforts like these, we couldn't be prouder to be recognized among Fast Company's Best Workplaces for Innovators.

In addition, AARP was recognized as a finalist for Fast Company's 2020 Innovative Team of the Year list, a new category within its annual Best Workplaces for Innovators list, which highlights the most innovative teams — groups of employees, nominated by their companies, that took advantage of a pro-innovation environment to build or develop something extraordinary.

At AARP, we are continually looking at innovative ways to help people live better as they age, both in the short term in coping with the pandemic and in the long term as people figure out how to take advantage of generally longer and healthier lives. Technological innovation seems to be moving faster every day. And our goal at AARP is to make sure that as companies innovate solutions to life's problems, they are also innovating to help people live better as they age.

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