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Four workers with text that reads 55 million workers don't have access to retirement savings at work

Our Mission

AARP is working to ensure you have a brighter and more secure financial future. We’re pushing for new retirement savings programs to ensure all workers have a chance to save the money they need to take control of their futures. We’re also fighting to protect and strengthen the Social Security benefits you’ve earned. And, we’re providing free tools and resources to help you plan, work and save for retirement.  

Work Hard. Save Easy.

Across the country, AARP is pushing for Work and Save programs, sometimes called Secure Choice, that provides an easy pathway for workers to grow retirement savings so they can deal with the rising cost of health care/basic needs, and take control of their futures.

Across the States

Fourteen states have signed various Work & Save programs into law to help people save easily for the future and over 30 are considering ways to address financial insecurity in retirement. Learn more about what’s happening in your state at


Building a Secure Future

OregonSaves was the first Work & Save program to launch in 2017, quickly followed by Calsavers in California and Secure Choice in Illinois. Massachusetts also launched a program for small non-profits.

This year, Connecticut and Maryland launched their programs, with nine more states to follow over the next few years.

These programs have helped almost half a million people to save over $450 million for retirement in just a few years. That’s why AARP is advocating across the nation for more of these programs to help workers grow the retirement savings they need for a secure future.

What's Happening?

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