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Strengthen Social Security

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Social Security has remained strong for its 87 years, largely because of vigorous support from the American people and dedicated funding to provide a dependable source of income for millions of families. Currently, 47 million retired workers and 2.8 million of their dependents receive Social Security benefits every month. About 1 out of every 4 households rely on Social Security for 90 percent or more of their income. Social Security also covers about 5.8 million survivors of deceased workers and 9.2 million employees with disabilities and their dependents. Social Security monthly benefits average about $1,660 for retired workers and $1,358 for those with disabilities.


Use Your Power to Decide the 2022 Election

Americans 50+ can use their vote to decide the 2022 elections. Commit today to be a Decider and join our fight to make sure candidates keep their promises to preserve Social Security and Medicare.

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Challenges ahead

High inflation is hurting millions of Americans who depend exclusively on Social Security for their household income, in spite of Social Security offering an annual cost-of-living increase. Inadequate customer service makes access to earned benefits difficult. And, while Social Security is projected to be able to pay full benefits for approximately 12 more years (until 2034), it faces a funding shortfall after that. Unless Congress takes action, Social Security can only pay 78 percent of current benefits after 2034.

AARP guiding principles

As you consider a candidate, keep in mind AARP’s priorities for the Social Security program:

  • Ensure protections for those most in need. Social Security should guarantee adequate benefits for those who rely on it most and should continue to offer income that is inflation-protected for all.
  • Achieve long-term adequacy and solvency. Social Security should be protected not only for current retirees but for future generations of Americans.
  • Offer reliable customer service. Social Security should have the ability to offer prompt and accurate assistance to all individuals seeking to access their earned benefits or other related services.

Call for Action

AARP is fighting to protect and strengthen the Social Security benefits that Americans have paid into and earned through years of hard work.

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