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Landmark Bill to Cut Prescription Drug Prices Clears Congress

AARP CEO hails passage and says measure will bring relief to millions


Prescription Drug Win Caps AARP’s Fight for Lower Prices

The power of millions of 50-plus adults led to victory

Volunteers Made a Difference in Historic Medicare Vote

Asked lawmakers to offer relief from drug prices

High Prescription Drug Prices Takes Its Toll

Retired police officer sold his home to pay his bills

​What if Milk Prices Rose as Fast as Prescription Drugs?

​Basic staples would be out of reach for many if prices went up at the same rate as prescription drugs

Medicare Spending on Rx Outpaces Development Costs

AARP research shows pharmaceutical companies more than recoup their R&D costs

10 Prescription Drugs That Cost Medicare the Most

AARP research finds brand-name manufacturers still increasing prices

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Social Security, Medicare Trust Fund Projections Improve

But action still needed by Congress to shore up long-term finances of these vital programs

Foundation Files Charges Against Wellness Program

Construction workers faced health insurance penalties of up to $2,400 per year

AARP Foundation Joins Suit to Recover Retirement Funds

African Methodist Episcopal clergy and other workers lost nearly $90 million

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