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A person holding up a box of the drug Remdesivir

Companies Raise Prices on COVID Drugs in Middle of Pandemic

Report reveals increases on 245 medicines since first coronavirus case hit U.S.


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Female doctor doing medical exam of a woman

AARP Urges Lawmakers to Protect Nursing Homes

Facilities need more transparency, accountability

a message from jo ann jenkins on coronavirus

As COVID-19 Cases Skyrocket, Let’s Stay Diligent

It’s important to protect ourselves and our loved ones


a brown wooden gavel next to a stethoscope

AARP Urges U.S. Supreme Court to Maintain the ACA

Coronavirus makes landmark health law essential

man looking at community connections website on a tablet at home

AARP Community Connections Can Find Help

Gives people ways to access each other

Your Membership

Fighting for You

AARP Group, Advocacy Fighting for Your Health

Fighting For Your Health

AARP believes in doing all it can to protect older Americans. Stand with us to fight for your healthcare

Court gavel and money

Protecting Your Investment

Stand with AARP and tell the SEC to protect the investments of older Americans and not Wall Street

Stop Rx Greed Cut Drug Prices Now

Lower Prescription Drug Costs

AARP calls for legislation that will lower prescription drug costs and stop RX greed

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