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Social Security, Medicare Trust Funds Won’t Run Short as Early

Trustee projections improve, but action still needed by Congress to shore up finances long term 


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Study Shows Us Where Action Is Needed on Aging

AARP-National Geographic effort could bring change

​What if Milk Prices Rose as Fast as Prescription Drugs?

​Basic staples would be out of reach for many

​​Medicare to Cover At-Home COVID-19 Tests​

​Beneficiaries can now pick up kits at pharmacies

Drug Plan Premiums Would Be Lower If Medicare Negotiated

​Consumers and Medicare would save if Congress accepts Rx bargaining provision

Medicare Spending on Rx Outpaces Development Costs

AARP research shows pharmaceutical companies more than recoup their R&D costs

10 Prescription Drugs That Cost Medicare the Most

AARP research finds brand-name manufacturers still increasing prices

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