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Senate Passes Landmark Bill to Cut Prescription Drug Prices

Legislation will allow Medicare to negotiate prices and cap out-of-pocket costs for medications


AARP Poll: It’s Inflation, Rx Drugs for 50-Plus Voters

Undecideds could determine control of Congress

​What if Milk Prices Rose as Fast as Prescription Drugs?

​Basic staples would be out of reach for many

New AARP Ad Urges Congress to Pass Rx Reform

Letting Medicare negotiate prices would make history

Drug Plan Premiums Would Be Lower If Medicare Negotiated

​Consumers and Medicare would save if Congress accepts Rx bargaining provision

Medicare Spending on Rx Outpaces Development Costs

AARP research shows pharmaceutical companies more than recoup their R&D costs

10 Prescription Drugs That Cost Medicare the Most

AARP research finds brand-name manufacturers still increasing prices

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