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A meeting with workers clapping their hands

House Votes to Improve Protections From Age Discrimination

Bipartisan bill would help older workers who face bias


News & Analysis

Affordable Care Act paperwork with a blue book and a stethoscope next to it

Supreme Court Says No to Fast Review of ACA Ruling

Health law protections remain intact for now


John Lewis

Georgia Congressman John Lewis Is in a Battle for His Life

Received stage 4 pancreatic cancer diagnosis


A person going into a polling place to vote

When You Can Vote in Your State's Primary or Caucus

Citizens over 50 will play pivotal role


People voting at voting booths during an election

Get Yourself Ready for the 2020 Election

Expect rough-and-tumble campaigns

shot of word primary election

Your Guide to 2020 Primary Voting

Here's what you need to know

senior woman smiling standing at voting booth

Women 50 and Older Could Decide the Election

Almost all polled plan to vote in 2020


AARP Asks the Candidates










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