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Fitness Expert Denise Austin Shares her Biggest Barrier to Staying Fit! What are Your Barriers to Exercising?

Be the Difference. Vote


Government is broken. Politicians don’t seek common ground, arguing rather than creating results. But critical issues like Medicare, Social Security and prescription drug costs are all on the line. That’s why your voice matters. Let’s hold politicians accountable by voting this November.

The Issues

News & Analysis

How Secure Will Ballot Boxes Be This Election Season?

Feds and states start to beef up security and accuracy of voting machines

Find Out Where the Candidates Stand

A guide to getting the answers from politicians

The Immense Power of the Older Voter

If candidates want to win, they better pay attention to the issues that matter to Americans 50-plus

Want to Vote Early?

How you can cast your ballot without going to the polls on election day

AARP Launches Voter Engagement Campaign

Goal is to turn out 50-plus voters for midterm elections

The Primary Schedule

They run through September 12 and who can vote varies widely by state