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99 ways to save illustration

Our clever money-saving ideas will put extra cash in your pocket

Slash Home & Garden Costs

How to save money on your home, garden and pet care needs

Chop Your Food Bills

Use these ideas to lower your grocery and restaurant costs

Get More Bang for Your Buck on Travel

Simple tips for maximizing savings on your next vacation

Shrink Your Health Care Costs

Save money at the pharmacy, gym and doctor's office

Bulk Up Your Finances

Your bank account will thank you for following these ideas on how to cut fees, interest payments and more

Turn Up the Savings on Utilities

How to save a few dollars (or more) from your water heater to your WiFi

Score Deals on Shopping

Get the most bang for your buck on your everyday purchases from clothes to electronics

Stretch Your Car Dollars

From insurance to maintenance to gas prices, here's how to spend less





Your Guide to Storing Thanksgiving Leftovers

A few easy steps to help stop them from spoiling


8 of 10 Residents in Nursing Homes Get Psychiatric Drugs

Report raises concerns over their safety

Today's Money Tip: How to Handle an Inherited IRA

IRS rules have gotten more complicated

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Today's Hot Deals

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Today: Customer Service Scams

Also: Storing leftover food

Family Medical History May Save Your Life

Holidays are ideal for gathering details

Report Warns of Spike in Holiday Scams

Criminals targeting online shoppers

Dealing With Abuse From a Care Recipient

Various illnesses can cause outbursts


Rules Will Simplify Broadband Shopping

Designed to ease comparisons

At Home

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Today's Workout: Interval Walking

Denise Austin leads the session

Gifts for the Men on Your Holiday List

Grooming, style options big and small

The Weekly Read: What’s New in Books

Latest news in the publishing world

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Test Your Knowledge of Dolly Parton

A quiz about the music icon


Best New Shows and Movies This Week

See 'Glass Onion' and holiday shows

'Glass Onion': The Knives Are Out Again

Sequel makes you laugh until you cry

Helen Mirren Reflects on Aging and More

How she came to love the western U.S.

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