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Shipping Box News

You don’t think much about cardboard boxes until you’re moving or sending the youngsters off to college. And then you learn that boxes for moving can be expensive. It can cost nearly $200 for enough to relocate from a one-bedroom apartment.

Sure, you could try the local liquor store or supermarket, but that’s hit-and-miss, and the boxes they give away are often too small or damaged. And big-box stores (named for their inventory, not what’s used to ship it) often prefer to compact cardboard boxes in the trash rather than give them away.

Where can you find these precious containers for little or no cash?

Free Cardboard Boxes is a network you can use to get, or give, moving boxes in your area. At Moving Box Exchange, you provide your needs and e-mail address (open a free Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail account to avoid excess spam to your main e-mail address) and wait for a response. You can also use the service to recycle your used boxes and avoid adding to landfills.

You can purchase quality new boxes at discount prices, with free shipping, via BoxQuest, or gently used ones at Used Cardboard Boxes.

Sid Kirchheimer writes about consumer and health issues.