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The Road to Big Savings

In today’s economy, bargain hunting rules. These expert tips can slash costs in every area of your life

Saving money isn’t about just clipping coupons or denying yourself that daily latte. By attacking areas where you spend the most money—your home, food, health, clothes, car, entertainment, travel, and investments—you can save up to $10,000 or more: the equivalent of more than five years of forgone lattes. "I’ve always preferred to save a lot of money on a few things rather than a little bit of money on a bunch of things," says Elisabeth Leamy, ABC’s "Good Morning America" consumer correspondent and the author of Save Big.

Learning the new rules of saving also means taking full advantage of Internet and mobile tools, beating hungry retailers at their own game, and thinking like a consumer, not a patient, at the doctor’s office. For the shrewdest advice, we interviewed several of the nations’s most aggressive supersavers, including "Coupon Mom" Stephanie Nelson, "Cars and Money" blogger Jerry Edgerton of, and real-estate guru Ilyce Glink.

Here are their money saving tips:

Save Money at Home

Save Money on Your Car

Save Money on Your Clothes

Save Money on Entertainment

Save Money on Travel

Save Money on Health Expenses

Save Money on Food

Save Money on Investments

But don't just take our experts' words for it—we want to hear how you're cutting costs. E-mail us your best money-saving advice!