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5 Tips to Save on Cars and Gas

Keep your car is in good driving shape and fill up with cheap gas before hitting the road

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1. Service advisory

If you get your car serviced at the dealer, always ask to check for any service advisory. You might save on a repair that is covered by the manufacturer even if the warranty is expired.

2. Smart credit cards

If you charge your gas, you can get either cash back or a discount off your purchase at the pump. Check free online reviews of credit cards that offer gas perks at or

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3. Fuel up with apps

Find cheap gas nearby. Use GasBuddy and Gas Guru. Both are free apps for your smartphone.

4. Tip the nozzle

When you've finished filling your gas tank and the pump has shut off, invert the pump nozzle 180 degrees while it's still in the fill hole. There's an extra ounce or two of gasoline in there — which you already paid for!

5. Car window thrift?

Keep your windows closed when driving over 55 miles per hour on the highway. Open windows can reduce your gas mileage by as much as 10 percent. In stop-and-go traffic, save gas by opening the windows and turning off the air conditioning.

Contributors to 99 Great Ways to Save 2013: Lynnette Khalfani-Cox, Tara Finnegan Coates, Joan Rattner Heilman, Stacy Julien, Megan Lawson, Marlece Lusk, Bob Lyford, Anne Masters, Jeff Yeager and AARP members like you.