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Members Save With More Than Just Discounts

See what AARP is doing to help members save time and money

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The AARP Saves Me Money initiative helps members save through its advocacy efforts and by providing members with discounts, information, tips, and advice.

AARP offers members many ways to save money — not only with discounts, but also through advocacy efforts such as helping reduce utility costs, as well as providing cost-cutting information, tips and advice from experts. Below are just some of the ways AARP helped members save on the things they enjoyed doing most this past year.

Online Savings Challenge

In October, our monthlong online Savings Challenge (designed to help members find fun and exciting ways to save) was able to save users almost $23,000! That's an average of about $80 per person over a 30-day span. Learn about the Savings Challenge online.

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99 Ways to Save

The annual "99 Ways to Save" collection of savings tips, composed of sage advice from our experts and many of our members, was released in July. The key to this once-a-year goldmine of advice is a simple concept that's often complicated to pull off: spend less! Check out 99 Ways to Save for yourself. There's a good chance you'll find some savings nuggets you've never thought of.

Cost-Savings Webinar

Another way we recently helped members save money was through a cost-savings webinar featuring the Ultimate Cheapskate, Jeff Yeager. During the webinar, Yeager served up some of his favorite savings tips, along with innovative tricks to help members keep their pockets, wallets and bank accounts more robust. His lighthearted banter and heartfelt advice made learning to save both entertaining and useful.

New Relationships, New Discounts

AARP has worked with several organizations to bring members even more savings. We recently updated our roster with offerings from such innovative companies as:

Papa John'sCirque du Soleil | Angie's List | Amazon | TIAA–CREF

To see all of the new savings AARP offers, visit