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What Are the Benefits of AARP Membership?

Your AARP membership gives you access to hundreds of carefully chosen discounts, programs, and services. From health and wellness to travel and entertainment, you’ll find a wide variety of benefits for every area of your life.


Explore Member Benefits


How do I navigate the member benefits section of the site?

The member benefits section lets you explore all of the discounts, programs and services you can access as an AARP member. Follow these steps to navigate the site:

  1. To explore a specific category of member benefits like Travel, Caregiving or Restaurants, simply click on the category from the ‘All Categories’ drop-down list.
  2. To find a specific member benefit, click on ‘Search Benefits’ and type in a topic, keyword or brand name.
  3. When you find the member benefit you’re looking for, click on it and a window will open that has more information about the benefit and how to access it.

How do I find benefits near me?

Finding nearby member benefits is easy. Go to the member benefits section of the website, follow the steps above and when the window opens, look for the Locations tab, click on it, and enter your address, city or zip code to view locations and a map. Additionally, you can download the AARP Now app, which also gives you access to your digital card, daily news, and local events.

How do I redeem my member benefits?

Depending on the benefit, you may be asked to show or swipe your AARP membership card, call, or enter your membership number or discount code at the time of purchase.

Originally published July 2019