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Complete Streets Are Safer Streets

In too many communities, it can be impossible to get around if you don't have a car. In too many communities, sidewalks are few and far between. For too many years, transportation policies have mostly served people using fast-moving vehicles rather than public transit, bicycles or their own two feet. But a street that's safe for a 70-year-old to cross to shop is safe for a 7-year-old walking to school. Complete, smartly planned streets and transportation options are great for people of all ages.

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AARP Walk Audit Tool Kit

Here's how to assess the walkability and safety of the roadways in your community — and use the results to advocate for change

Transit-Oriented Development

Getting around without a car is possible when housing, work and transportation needs are planned and placed together

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AARP Livability Fact Sheets

The subjects include parking, sidewalks, traffic calming, bicycling and even street trees