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Latinos and Alzheimer’s Disease: The Growing Crisis

From the latest research to getting a diagnosis, coping with caregiving and finances. Hard realities, heartwarming stories, resources and advice.

Your Health

New Alzheimer’s Research Focuses on Latinos

Scientists ramp up efforts to understand and treat the higher dementia risk among Hispanics

How to Get an Accurate Diagnosis

Here are 6 steps to discovering the cause of memory problems

Minorities More Likely to Be Hospitalized With Flu

Vaccine rate is also lower in Black, Hispanic and American Indian/Alaska Native adults

The Surprising Impact of Racism on the Brain

New research suggests discrimination is linked to memory decline in middle-aged adults

How Skin Color May Put Your Health at Risk

Recent studies suggest some modern medical devices add to racial disparities in healthcare


Hispanics Endure Hardships Providing Alzheimer’s Care

From diagnosis to coping and caregiving, three Latinos share how the disease upended their lives

Caregiver Burnout: Steps for Coping With Stress

Recognize the signs and get the help you need to reduce the toll on your body and mind

Credit for Caring Act Would Provide Tax Credit

Bipartisan legislation would give up to $5,000 to offset expenses for family caregivers

Heroes and Heritage

Trailblazing Marine Leads Girl Scouts

‘You can’t fix the status of women if you’re not addressing the challenges of girls’

Meet the Latina Visionary Contributing to Marvel Studios

Victoria Alonso wins a 2022 Hispanic Heritage Foundation Vision Award

Exploring Linda Ronstadt’s Family Album

The beloved singer shares her memories of the lands that span the U.S.-Mexico border

10 Hispanic Firsts and Those Who Achieved Them

From the red carpet to outer space, travel back in time to celebrate these leaders

This Chicana Writer Fled Gang Violence by Coming Out

Pat Alderete escaped her dangerous East L.A. barrio by revealing she was a lesbian

This Singer Is Inspiring a Wave of Female Mariachis

Veronica Robles, set out to create an all-female mariachi band

Money and Jobs

How Latinas Can Bridge the Pay Gap

Learning the best ways to negotiate salary can help women earn equal pay

How to Financially Prepare for Alzheimer’s

The disease can be financially devastating, especially for Latinos and other minorities

3 Ways Hispanic Inventors Changed Our Lives

The patents they earned in middle age have reshaped parenting, commuting and music

Video Spotlight

How I Discovered I Had Early-Onset Alzheimer's

Learn more about Myra Garcia's inspiring story

How to Care for Someone With Dementia

Sanjay Gupta, neurosurgeon shares tips


6 Things You Didn't Know About Rita Moreno

Learn some little-known facts about the award-winning actress

7 Things You Didn't Know About Javier Bardem

Here are some surprising facts about the Oscar-winning Spanish actor

AARP Visits With Linda Ronstadt

The singer and author shares her thoughts on culture, home and family

10 Marvel Blockbusters Produced by Victoria Alonso

From 'Avengers' to 'Spider-Man: No Way Home,' a list of the Hollywood trailblazer's biggest hits

Long-Awaited Selena Album Updates Her Early Tracks

On ‘Moonchild Mixes,’ the star’s family used advanced digital technology to modernize songs


Marine Vet Receives Wish of a Lifetime, Records Song

Ray Espinoza, 86, hopes his song will advance cancer research

Free Resources for Veterans with PTSD

Where to find help for post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety, more

2 Latina Veterans Reflect on the Lessons They've Learned

Inspiring stories of good and bad times, sacrifice and public service in the armed forces

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