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Recreation Your Way

Enhance your entertainment experience with these sophisticated updates to classic activities

Recreation Your Way

Courtesy Top Golf

Players score points by hitting balls into the target at TopGolf.

The host shows you to your dining area, you check out the menu — and for the fun of it, you walk a few feet to your private golfing tee and fire off a 200-yard drive. Welcome to Topgolf, a new twist on the driving range that pairs swinging a club with luxury amenities, including a climate-controlled hitting bay and a full-service menu (with cocktails and microbrews).

The company, with 30 locations and counting in the U.S., is one of a growing number of venues combining old-school entertainment with a more pleasing — and more adult — customer experience. A few others:


If you’ve had your fill of bowling alley beer and snack bar food, head to one of Splitsville’s seven locations. Dine on sushi between frames and lounge about on comfy furniture rather than hard seats.


Instead of spending time at a grungy dive bar, try an establishment like Uptown Billiards Club in Portland, Ore., which offers upscale food and a sommelier’s wine selection as you play on vintage tables. 


How about a pinot grigio with that Spielberg film? Lean back in a plush chair and enjoy table service at an Alamo Drafthouse Cinema or iPic theater.