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Clever Costumes for Middle-Aged Halloween Lovers

Inspiring ideas for those who’ll never outgrow the holiday

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We found six Halloween costume sets that will have you standing out on Oct. 31.

En español | Ah, Halloween, the one night of the year you can throw caution to the wind and dress any way you like. And according to the National Retail Federation’s annual Halloween survey, this Oct. 31 is sure to be particularly memorable.

Halloween spending is expected to hit a record $9.1 billion, up from $8.4 billion in 2016. The top costume for kids, the NRF survey reveals, will be an action hero or superhero; adults seem most interested in going traditional with a classic witch getup. Other adult favorites include Batman, animals (cat, dog, cow) and a pirate.

But finding the perfect costume, especially when you’re middle-aged or older, isn’t easy. So if you need a bit of inspiration, read on. Whether you want to keep it classy or embarrass your kids and grandkids, here are a few ensembles — all quick and easy store-bought solutions — that will make this Halloween a treat.

And if you'd rather get creative and make your own costume, here are 40 DIY ideas from Good Housekeeping that are mostly created from reused items. With a few supplies, you can be anything from a walking bubble bath concocted out of white balloons to a wind-up doll with a big cardboard key sticking out of your back.

All the costumes pictured below, with one exception, are from For the Jon Snow costume, we used a leather tunic under the cape that was not part of the Dark Northern King costume featured on the website. Also, all the outfits shown can be purchased from a variety of retailers, so feel free to compare styles and prices.

For this sweetest of holidays, try a tasty candy costume. These colorful M&M’s getups are ideal for couples or groups.

Game of Thrones was the summer obsession, dominating watercooler talk at offices across the country. So this year, why not slay Halloween with a Jon Snow or Daenerys costume? If Arya Stark is more to your liking, Amazon has a Northern Princess Warrior costume for adults. After all, winter is coming.

Become your own delicious treat — and tempt your friends — by transforming into an Oreo. The round black garment slips easily over your head. All you need is black jeans or leggings — and maybe a glass of milk.

Show everyone what a perfect fit you and your partner are by dressing up as puzzle pieces. The separate tunics fit together nicely for a one-piece look.

Also fun for couples or friends is this pair-of-sneakers ensemble, which will kick the competition in any costume contest. Just add some jeans and, of course, your own pair of kicks and you’re ready for action.

Perfect for a trio of friends, this rock-paper-scissors costume is nothing but fun. Can’t decide who will be what? Play the game to determine each person's getup.