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Thanks, Mom!

Readers share the countless reasons they appreciate their mothers

Mother's Day Thank You Letters

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Honoring mothers, the women who've shaped our lives.

Pretty much all of us appreciate our mothers, but we might not always take the time to tell them how very wonderful they are. And that's why there is Mother's Day — an annual holiday that honors the women who've shaped our lives. To help celebrate, we asked members of our online community to share their letters of thanks to their moms. Here's a sampling of what we received:

Mom, you're a rock star

Thank you, mom, for being awesome. You always support my crazy ideas, even if some don't turn out like they should. Thank you for all your care packages while I was in the Navy, flying helicopters in Portland and, now, finishing school in Boise. They always put a smile on my face. I know we are far apart, but hope to see you soon. You are a rock star, momsey! —kg643


You will always be our "Mom of the Heart"

How did a girl who never had children of her own grow up to become such an amazing mother to so many people? You're a mom to your mother, moving her into your home to be sure she was well cared for and not alone in her final years; to the high school kids you teach tirelessly and with passion; to every sibling in your family, opening up your home to each of us every day, whether it's for a nightly home-cooked meal or a place to stay during challenging times; to our dad, though he's become even more critical and crotchety in his old age. You are even a mom to strangers, like the lady you met with her three children, one with severe special needs, at the local dollar store: You invited her to join you for a cup of coffee and dessert just because she needed a friend. You may not have ever had your own children, but you will always be our eternal "Mom of the Heart." Thank you, we love you. —jcprojectmanager54

You are my hero

Mother, my angel: I miss you so much, my heart hurts. I think about you every day with love and fondness. You taught me how to be a good person, how to be a good mother. You also taught me the importance of laughter and having fun. You are my hero. You were the one that helped me when I needed a shoulder to cry on or needed a loan. You never said no — never! I lived with you for four years, helping you after dad passed away. Then the next thing I knew, you were gone. I am devastated by your passing. There is such an emptiness in my life, I wonder if that will ever go away. This will be the first Mother's Day without you and probably my worst Mother's Day ever. I love you, mom, for ever and ever. —Sandy

Thanks for putting up with my foolishness

I would like to thank my mother for putting up with my foolishness during my growing-up years. I want to thank her for chasing me up the stairs with the broom when I said "shut up," knowing I was wrong. And I want to thank her for taking time to explain and teach me the way of the world and the rules of life: Be kind, say please and thank you, and do things for everyone, especially seniors, from my heart and not expect to be paid. Happy Mother's Day! —glomclif

You would have been an amazing grandma

My mother passed away in 1979 when I was 28. She was only 56 years old — much too young to leave this world, her husband and five children. She raised us alone, since my father traveled a great deal and was gone a lot; she must have been lonely at times. I remember how she wanted to drive, but my dad didn't see the sense of it since we had so much within walking distance. One summer day, she piled us all into the car and drove us to my aunt's house, bouncing from curb to curb — luckily without hitting any cars. From then on, we had a new freedom.

She was funny, intelligent, compassionate, determined and wise. And as I grew up, she became a wonderful friend, someone I could confide in when life got overwhelming. When she died, my world crumbled. I know I was lucky to have her as long as I did, but I am so sorry my two children never knew her — she would have been an amazing grandma, too. So thanks, mom. I love and miss you.
—Jean Zahn, Defiance, Mo.

Thank you for making me believe in myself

Thank you so much for teaching me some tough life lessons, with love. I learned from you to accept myself for who I am — warts and all. To be proud of my heritage, to be self-reliant, independent and unaffected by peer pressure, and to set high standards for myself. At the same time you taught me the value of being a loving parent, and showed me by example how to be a lifelong friend to a spouse. … I learned a lot about careful reasoning and deep thinking from you, and about not getting fooled by platitudes. Thank you for having high expectations of me and for making me believe in myself. I repeat your mantra for me, "Yes, you can" whenever I doubt myself. And thank you for your goofy sense of humor that helped lighten the toughest situations and for your zest for life. I love you! —Medha

You taught me to never give up

Thank you, mom, for being my hero. You're a survivor and you never give up. In March of 2005 you suffered a stroke that left you paralyzed on your left side. Just four weeks later, you graduated from community college with two degrees. Then, in December 2012, you graduated from a university with honors. You are the busiest retired person I know: volunteering at a medical center and running your health and wellness nonprofit. Happy Mother's Day and thank you, mom, for raising me to always show love, give back and never give up. I love you. —rb8438

My special note to you: "GBY"

At this time of life, I care for you and watch over you as you always cared for and protected me. Remember putting cozy socks on my feet on a cold winter's morn before I set out to school? Remember preparing my packing before I left for Europe? I was no longer a child, but everything was crisply pressed. To my surprise, I found special notes in each pocket of my clothing. They simply read, "GBY, Love Mom." Friends looked quizzically at these torn little pieces of paper with scribbling on them, but I never explained what the letters meant. Now I say it to you, mom: "GBY — God Bless You!" from a grateful and loving daughter. —en4469

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