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Medicare Resources

Use these free Medicare educational resources to help people understand their Medicare choices so they can get the most out of their coverage. Be sure to share this information via social media and traditional outreach channels.

Print Materials

Download our Meet Medicare booklet and handy Medicare visual aids designed to educate people on the basics of Medicare.


Meet Medicare

This booklet covers the basics. It breaks down Medicare’s parts, choices, and deadlines in simple terms so people can figure out what works best to support their needs. 

Download PDF:  English | En Español


Your Medicare Choices

A one-page visual that provides a snapshot of Medicare options.

Download PDF: English | En Español


Mind the Coverage Gap

A one-page snapshot of the Medicare Part D Doughnut Hole.

Download PDF: English | En Español


8 Things You Can Do

A one-page overview of what to do during Medicare Open Enrollment.

Download PDF: English | En Español


10 Questions You Can Ask

A one-page overview of questions to consider when selecting a Medicare plan.

Download PDF: English | En Español


Online tools provide personalized information to help people manage their Medicare issues.


Additional Resources

Order our free print materials and share resources with others. Read