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Grannies Dance to Protect Medicare

Dozens convene in a lighthearted gathering to send a serious message

Dozens of grannies and their supporters suddenly popped up in Midtown Manhattan, dancing and singing their version of a Supremes' classic: “Stop! In the Name of Health, Don’t Cut My Medicare.”

The instant meet-up took place at the corner of 41st Street and 6th Avenue on July 30. Organized flash mob-style through e-mails, texting and a variety of social media, the event was brief and seemingly lighthearted.

But the subject was serious, a protest against the president’s deficit commission that threatens cuts in Medicare and Social Security, despite Social Security's solvency through 2037.

Among the participating organizations: Healthcare-NOW! NYC; the Granny Peace Brigade; Green Party of New York State; Hunger Action Network of New York State; Private Health Insurance Must Go! Coalition; Physicians for a National Health Program; Single Payer New York; Code Pink; Mobilization for Health Care for All; the Church Ladies; and ACT UP.

Carol Simons is an executive editor at the AARP Bulletin.