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What the Health Care Law Means for People 65+

En español l There’s a lot to learn about the health care law. If you have Medicare, the law has new benefits and protections so you can be confident you’re in control of your health care. The law strengthens Medicare by including more preventive benefits, lowering the price of prescription drugs in the Part D doughnut hole and fighting waste and fraud.

Medicare is strengthened

  • Your guaranteed benefits are protected. You earned your Medicare over a lifetime of work. The health care law protects your benefits, such as doctor and hospital visits, so you can get the care you need when you need it.

You get more from your Medicare

  • The health care law lowers prescription drug costs. If you have Medicare Part D, and you reach the coverage gap or “doughnut hole,” you will get more than a 55 percent discount on brand name prescription drugs and more than a 35 percent discount on generic drugs while you are in the coverage gap. The discounts will continue to grow until 2020, when the gap will be a thing of the past.
  • More preventive care is covered. Medicare now covers a yearly wellness visit and more preventive care. This includes cancer, cholesterol and diabetes screenings, immunizations and more.
  • The health care law fights fraud, scams and waste that take money from the Medicare program. The law strengthens Medicare by adding more resources to catch those who fraudulently bill Medicare.

Medicare Open Enrollment

Just like every year, you can change your Medicare plans if you wish between Oct. 15 and Dec. 7.

  • The marketplace isn’t for people who have Medicare. Medicare isn’t part of the new Health Insurance Marketplace. For more information about the health care law and your Medicare coverage, visit or call 800-633-4227 (800-MEDICARE).

It’s time to learn more about the health care law. Go to

Updated August 2014