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Warm Up: Getting Started

Simple things to do everyday to improve your health

En español l Oz Tip: Ask three strangers how old they think you are. Their answers will tell you how others perceive you—and can be a strong indicator of how healthy you are.

As a physician, husband, father, author, and host of The Dr. Oz Show, I know what it means to be busy.

Nevertheless, I’m amazed by the number of people who tell me they don’t have time to exercise, or eat healthy meals, or get a good night’s sleep. The truth is, if you can’t find the time to get healthy, you’re not going to be around as long as your kids and grandkids would like.

Did you know that if you can’t walk a quarter mile in less than five minutes, you’re 25 percent more likely to die in the next six years than if you can? Or that if we eliminated all cancer in the United States, our average life expectancy would increase by only three years?

Cancer doesn’t kill most of us; lack of exercise and a poor diet do. Follow this 6-Month Plan for Getting Healthy to live the best life possible for as long as possible.

Daily Checklist

  • Walk 30 minutes: Working out has benefits for your heart, weight, even your sex life. It may also help stave off Alzheimer’s, new research finds.
  • Brush and floss: Brushing removes only about 60 percent of the germs from between your teeth.
  • Drink two cups of green tea: Green tea may lessen the risk of some cancers, plus it lowers cholesterol levels.
  • Take 400mg of DHA omega-3s, 1,000 IU vitamin D, and 1,000mg calcium: Omega-3s diminish cognitive decline; calcium and vitamin D boost bone density.
  • Sleep 7 to 8 hours a night: Our bodies use downtime to repair cells, process information, and raise growth hormone levels, which can up bone density and decrease body fat.
  • Meditate for 5 minutes: Yoga, prayer, meditation—they’re all key to reducing stress and finding purpose (more discussion on these in Months 4 and 5).

AARP In Your State

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