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AARP Hearing Center

Hearing Loops and Telecoils: What You Need to Know

For those with hearing aids, this technology cuts the clatter in public spaces


Hearing Aids and Help

Experts Demystify Hearing Loss

A discussion on the crucial link between health and hearing, including advice on new OTC hearing aids

11 Foods That Could Help Support Your Hearing Health

Plus the vitamins and minerals you need to help protect from hearing loss

8 Tips to Help You Adjust to Hearing Aids

How to train your brain to get used to your new hearing aids

10 Ways to Treat the Ringing in the Ears Called Tinnitus

Causes, symptoms and diagnoses, plus new treatments on the horizon that may help you get relief

How You Can Shop for an Over-the-Counter Hearing Aid

Prices are lower than prescription models and choices are plentiful

Your Hearing Life

6 Drugs That Can Harm Your Hearing

More than 600 drugs have been linked to hearing loss and tinnitus

Hearing Aids May Lower Dementia Risk, Study Finds

Treating hearing loss linked to decrease in cognitive decline

Can COVID Cause Hearing Loss?

Researchers explore the link between the virus and the ears

6 Habits for Healthy Ears at Any Age

Expert tips for hearing aids, keeping your ears healthy, earwax and more

The Surprising Link Between Hearing Loss and Diabetes

How this common medical condition can affect your ears as well

6 Bad Habits for Your Hearing That You May be Doing Daily

Avoid these behaviors in order to protect your ears long-term

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