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Are you as smart as your car? Test your knowledge of auto technology with this quiz.

Medicare Made Easy: What Does Medicare Cost?

Open enrollment is here. Out-of-pocket expenses can add up, so it pays to shop around each year

What to Know Now

High-Intensity Interval Training May Be a ‘Miracle’ Workout

Exercising just 10 minutes every other day may reverse the effects of aging

ACA Open Enrollment: It’s Time to Choose

Average premiums are dipping and penalty for insurance mandate is eliminated

Covering Your Health Insurance Gaps

Medigap helps pick up medical costs not covered by original Medicare

Beware of Medicare Open Enrollment Scammers

Five tips to help you avoid being taken advantage of as you shop for medical coverage

Beyond Wrinkles: Fixes for Later-in-Life Skin Issues

Don't give up on having a great complexion. Learn how to banish redness, bumps and spots.

Flu Season Updates

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Key Tips To Staying Flu Free This Season

Just like putting on sunscreen in the summer, getting vaccinated is an easy way to reduce your risk

What You Need to Know About the Flu Season So Far

Although rates have been low, you should still get vaccinated now for maximum protection 

Where to Get a Low-Cost or Free Flu Shot

Supermarkets, drugstores, employers and more are helping you stay healthy this season

Your Membership

Live Well

Can Changing the Clock Hurt Your Heart?

How stressors including 'springing ahead' and noise boost the risk of heart attack and stroke

3 Healthy Eating Tips From the American Heart Association 

New studies show easy and effective ways to slim down and keep your heart healthy

Which Medical Tests Should You Get?

Certain screenings for cancer and heart disease may do more harm than good

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