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Interior of lobby and Sibley Hospital in Washington DC

5 Ways Hospitals Will Change in Next Decade

Several innovations and technologies could revolutionize patient care


What to Know Now

closeup photograph of N95 air filter mask.

Are Face Masks Really Effective at Preventing Illness?

Proper handwashing may be a better line of defense against coronavirus, flu

Healthy cut fruit and vegetables on display in store freezer.

Healthy Foods You Can Find at Convenience Stores

How to eat well when you're in a hurry and options are limited

A senior African-American woman in her 60s shopping in a grocery store, carrying a shopping basket. She is reading the nutrition label on a bottle.

Decoding the New Food Labels

You'll see bigger serving sizes and major shifts on sugar and fats in 2020

(COMBO) This combination of pictures created on January 17, 2017 showsUS President Barack Obama during his first campaighn on August 30, 2008 (L),and during a press conference on September 5, 2016 (R).With his temples a bit grayer now, Barack Obama will l

Stress Can Turn Your Hair Gray

A Harvard study reveals the biological mechanism behind it

A Hispanic female doctor is talking to her senior male patient during a home medical visit. She is showing him how to use a diabetes kit.

Hispanic Americans Hardest Hit by Diabetes

CDC data shows Hispanics surpass African Americans in disease rates

Visit AARP's Eye Center

A female optometrist showing a model of an eye to a male patient

Eye-Popping New Info About Eye Health

Most Americans know little about how to protect their vision

A woman with grey hair rubbing her eye to wipe away tear

What's Causing Your Puffy Lids and Watery Eyes?

There is a range of reasons and treatments for swelling and irritation

An illustration that shows a healthy eye on the left and an eye suffering from pink eye on the right

What to Know About Conjunctivitis or Pink Eye

How to get relief from the common, contagious infection

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