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Coronavirus Thursdays Info

Did You Miss Today's Tele-Town Hall on Handling Stress?

Hear the experts answer your questions about coping with fear and uncertainty here.



get help and give help is the tagline for a new community connections a a r p website at a a r p community connections dot org

Need Help? Discover AARP Community Connections

Website links volunteers with those in need

a message from jo ann jenkins on coronavirus

AARP Advocacy Gets Results for Social Security Recipients

CEO on ensuring tax filing not needed for stimulus


Shot of a senior woman suffering from stress at home

Ways to Take Care of Your Mental Health in These Times

New problems arise as pandemic progresses

David Glazer and his dog Didi and wife Lyle

People Are Adopting, Fostering Pets as They Shelter in Place

Their cure for isolation comes in a furry package

Mildred Hoxie with her daughter Margaret Kaplan. A birthday balloon is behind them

How a Mother, 93; Daughter Are Handling the Separation

TV doesn't take the place of people, mom says

older woman looks at a laptop computer screen thoughtfully

Anxious Older Clients Now Starting to Call Therapists

Medicare coverage expands to help pay for treatment

Woman in a nursing home video chatting with her grandaughter

7 Ways to Boost Your Loved One's Morale While in Isolation

Out of sight doesn't have to be out of mind

Couple in their kitchen doing the dishes together and laughing

How Couples Can Support Each Other Through This Crisis

Look at the big picture, not the small annoyances

Coronavirus News

A picture shows a monitor with a breathing machine on an intubated and sedated patient infected with COVID-19.

When a Coronavirus Infection Lands You in the Hospital

Lung inflammation can create breathing difficulties

A man and woman looking down at a paper

Lost Your Job? You Still Have Health Insurance Options

First, find out when employer coverage ends

Aerial view of light traffic at the interchange of the 210 134 and 110 freeways

Auto Insurers Paying Back Customers During Shutdowns

Policyholders stay at home, get in fewer accidents

AARP Answers: Coronavirus and ...

Men hands holding a US Government Treasury check

Fraudsters Want to Tap Stimulus Checks

Ignore come-ons promising help

masked and gloved health care worker handing a vial labeled covid 19

Coronavirus Not Only Scam to Dodge

Phony census forms and other rip-offs

$6M Already Lost to Coronavirus Fraud

Complaints soared near end of March

blue fraud watch network banner

Tips and tools to help protect you and your loved ones

Click on the map above to see the latest number of cases by state.

While You're At Home ...

Work Out in 10 Minutes: Build Up Your Core, Burn Belly Fat

Our series with fitness experts will get you moving

Michael Bolton's Message: 'We're in This Together'

'The human spirit can't be broken,' the singer says

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Caring for a Loved One? Caregiver Resource Center

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